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California Bookstore Day!

Even Ron Burgundy loves the comedy novel Two Performance Artists!

Even Ron Burgundy loves Two Performance Artists! Yep, that was him, reporting live from UC San Diego last Saturday, where I got to be part of California’s inaugural Bookstore Day! Novelists Dave Eggers and Don DeLillo were among the other authors chosen for this historic event, so I feel both lucky and humbled. Photo by Channel 4 reporter KayDee Kersten. Stay classy, San Diego!

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4 Responses to “California Bookstore Day!”

  1. Amigo Says:

    Yeah man: I made a silly joke showing how stupid Ron Burgundy can be, hombre. Don’t censor me because I’m Latino making a joke. Censor me because I’m poor and Latino.

  2. scotch Says:

    Hahaha, thanks, Amigo!! The book’s a dream come true. Currently in DC…NYC is next.

  3. Amigo Says:

    Keep on rocking, blondy! I’m glad you are living the dream like me, mi hombre. You are now an Author and Comedian! I’m Ron Burgundy?

  4. Steve Smith Says:

    I was there! Loving the book. Still can’t believe what you did with that fish. Well done. Looking forward to more. Get on TV!

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