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Two Performance Artists book by Scotch Wichmann
Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss And Do Things With Him
Inspired by my crazy adventures as a performer on the road, this is the story of two performance artists who cook up the ultimate performance: to kidnap their billionaire boss...and turn him into the wildest performance artist the world's ever seen.

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100 Performances For The Hole Coming to San Francisco

Scotch Wichmann performing at SOMArts' 100 Performances For The Hole
SQUEALLLL! I just found out I’ve been selected to perform at the 4th annual 100 PERFORMANCES FOR THE HOLE show Saturday, January 4th at SOMArts in San Francisco! If you haven’t heard of this, it’s crazy: 100 performers each perform a 4-minute piece in a 6′ x 4′ hole in the gallery floor. That’s right: A HUNDRED PERFORMANCES BACK-TO-BACK! The show’ll run from about 6PM until at least 12:30AM. If you live for experimental performance, DO NOT MISS THIS! My 4-minute slot starts at 11:34PM. It’s gonna be wild! Tickets are $12 in advance, or $25 for VIP (includes free beer!). If you live in SF, I’d LOVE to see you there! General info is here, and tickets are on sale here.

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