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Who Wants Salad?

A new wacky video with me & pal Natalie Palamides from our Wet the Hippo show at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival:

One Response to “Who Wants Salad?”

  1. Penchant for Portables Says:

    Fucking Hilarious,

    Had to turn down the volume after awhile, didn’t want my parents thinking I was watching porn in their home/office.

    Wow, I’m 32 and I watch videos that are not porn but that may sound like porn but are not, while laughing my ass off to this comedy video at 4:20 AM – in parent’s work room. I must be a winner!

    Now, I want my salad and the short girl that wants to eat it. She is what me and my friends would call a Porto back when I was a drunk at USC. She’s so short (the actress in the video) you can carry her portably like a book bag or suitcase horizontally. And then, when you want a blow job, you can prop her up vertically and have her start sucking you off.

    Yeah, me and my boys at Kappa Sig loved watching Portos (portable blow job humans) walk by our house. Short girls and midgets are so cool to look at and imagine if they can suck you off while you are standing and they are standing. If they can’t fully stand then maybe they can just bend forward without getting on their knees; the test of a true porto!

    I love the fact that this girl reminds me of short jewish girls that sat next to me in sophomore Spanish in high school. Her Fran Dressier nasal voice along with the Beavis and Butthead persona is way cool. I loved her blue cheese mouth orgasm! The punchline was awesome, with the two guys in the backseat. Have this girl in your next video do a nasal Jewish American Princess (J-A-P) voice while spouting out Spanish verbs and nouns – like we all did in high school, while our Spanish teachers smiled at our ineptitude. Puedo, puedsas, soy, yo, para, abuerto, llavar, llavo mi hands, por favor.

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