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New sexual emoticons

whore  {   } 
pregnant  {0}
virgin  {x}
bushy  #{#}#
deep  (({}))
diseased  {:::}
probably too young  .
transsexual  }{
homo lying on his side  o8–

Um…maybe I have too much free time at work?

8 Responses to “New sexual emoticons”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What about this one?
    ( o Y o )
    or this one…
    ( Y )

  2. Steve'sStiffler Says:

    hey joe:

    did you have 10 chick peas in order to write the word, ‘funny’.


  3. Steve'sStiffler Says:

    Hey anonymous:

    “No <00″ means you don’t have any balls. has that for a new fuckin’ emoticon.

    Oh and here’s another: [{{{}}}}}] salad on a square plate for anyone who blogs emoticons this is crucial. you have no ability to write or speak prose because you only eat salads. the brackets [ ] represent an fusion style restaurant plate and the {} represents ice berg lettuce – that has practically no nutritional value; which means, you can’t write or think in terms of prose.

    Congrats: u’ve regressed back to cave man times; pre-cuniform days – yeah!

    Thus, you don’t get enough brain food like protein from eggs, chicken, pork, or fish. Sorry: chick peas just don’t have enough fat and protein for you to create a compound sentence.

    So get a life and a fuckin steak, ya dumb mook.

  4. Steve'sStiffler Says:

    You people are fucking boring with NO BALLS. Hey, make a NO Balls Emoticon… Ya dumb, boring fucks!

    Anyone who’s tired of salad eating, or salad tossing and wants to join the real fun, check out the hello world comment section, yo.

    I mean: 4 comments vs 13. plus, i couldn’t even say you guys were monosyllabic or sub-moronic for that matter. anyone with an iq of over 43 is welcome to join the Hello World comment area – u fuckin’ amoebas.

  5. joe Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:


  8. Anonymous Says:

    { }

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