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Believe me, I know...websites are expensive. The good news is you can promote your art and other genius online for FREE using one of the free web sites below. Many offer easy-to-use templates that will frame you like a pro, and most are search engine-friendly.

Some of the links below are geared toward static arts like painting, drawing, or sculpture, but don't let that stop you.   If you're a musician or performer, you can still create a free site for your biography, résumé, and performance photographs, then just add links that point to YouTube, where you can post video of your live work—there's nothing wrong with hosting your video on one site, and your text+photos somewhere else. (By the way, YouTube now offers its own built-in video editor, in case you don't have your own). If you want everything under one roof, some of the services below—check out Wix, Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr—allow you to embed YouTube videos right into your free web pages, so visitors never have to leave your site.   And don't overlook Facebook! Many comedians & musicians I know use Facebook fan pages exclusively to promote themselves, with good results.

After creating your site, make sure to submit its URL to search engines, and have your peers/friends link to it...the more legit inbound links you have coming in from other sites—and the deeper your site's content is—the more likely search engines will find and index you.

Killer-looking templates. Search engine-friendly. Expandable as you go with a variety of features. Flash-based for browsers that support it. Supports embedding of YouTube videos.
Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr
The big G00g owns Blogger now—and YouTube—so they all play together nicely. As you probably guessed, Blogger lets you create a free blog where you can update fans about your happenings, post photos or video of your work (see this example), allow visitors to post comments, or spend your days of leisure writing manifestos.    Blogger also supports pages now, which are static pages of web content that don't scroll away—a perfect place for hosting more permanent content, such as your biography.  

If blogging sounds like your speed, also check out WordPress, which is similar to Blogger, but with its own unique look and feel—plus it's open source, if that appeals to you.   And if you're into updating more frequently, especially with images (maybe you're an illustrator or a photographer), then it's hard to beat the clean, minimalist microblogging of Tumblr—check out this great example, or this one, or....
Rise Art
Free portfolio & community, plus Rise may choose to act as your agent and sell your art. Decent design. Also features style-finding filters for art buyers that picks art matching their tastes.
Deviant Art
Insanely popular site with both free and premium membership. Cool-looking templates. Supports messaging and comments. The Facebook of art sites. Has some ads, however.
Art Slant
Owned by The Slant. Up to 60 images with slideshow and exhibit history.
Art Id
Supports portfolio photos and selling via PayPal. No ads.
Another great-looking site. Photography really pops. No ads.
Good-looking, multi-page templates. Can sell art right on the site. No ads.
Artist Sites
Decent-looking with portfolio photos. Single banner ad at the top.